08 Januari, 2010

beware ...the call of lonely by umno

Umno is barking  for what they have loose. Hunting for support to their failure before...

This is a part of what has been said by veteran umno leader Ku Li.

.....................................“In a milestone moment, PAS, the Islamic party, is holding onto the more plural and moderate position while Umno is digging itself into an intolerant hard-line position that has no parallel that I know of in the Muslim world.
“Umno is fanning communal sentiment, and the government it leads is taking up policy lines based on ‘sensitivities’ rather than principle. The issue appears to be more about racial sentiment  than religious, let alone constitutional principles,” he said in his luncheon address.
He said Umno’s response to the “Allah” controversy was “short of leadership and moral fibre.”
Tengku Razaleigh’s latest attack on Umno and the government is not likely to go down well with the hardline conservatives in his party.
But the Umno veteran has been unrelenting in his call for reforms in Umno. Recently, he also slammed the BN government’s position in refusing to give oil royalties to Kelantan, which is ruled by PAS.
On the “Allah” issue, the former Finance Minister is particularly scathing in his remarks.
“Sensitivities is the favoured resort of the gutter politician. With it he raises a mob, fans its resentment and helps it discover a growing list of other sensitivities. This is a road to ruin. A nation is made up of citizens bound by a shared conception of justice and not of mobs extracting satisfaction for politicised emotional states,” he said.
Tengku Razaleigh said that when the government began speaking the language of sensitivities, it was a mark of the country’s decline.
He said the controversy over the use of “Allah” should not be about managing sensitivities but about doing what was right..........

Dont shout and barking around while you are shitting all the way.

 Be ware of racism that been shout by umno...they are lonely now......................let us manage the issue by the Power of our heart and minds and also by the power of our vote.

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