10 Januari, 2010

reaction to..call of lonely.

Here's come the next episode after the call of lonely by umno..may be.

PETALING JAYA: A fourth arson attack on a church on Friday was discovered yesterday.

The IGP " Musa confirmed that there were currently four cases of churches that had been attacked."

Political leaders united against attacks on churches

Friday, January 8th, 2010 13:34:00
KUALA LUMPUR: The political divide has closed for once with all soundly condemning the arson attempts on several churches this morning — and shocked politicians of all colours into calling for the police to act fast.
The Malay Mail spoke with political leaders from the Klang Valley this morning for their reaction and all were united in urging the people to stay calm and remain tolerant in the true spirit of Malaysia.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang also visited the church, saying that the attacks were uncouth.
“I am saddened over this. This should not have happened,” said Abdul Hadi, who was accompanied by his deputy Nasharudin Mat Isa.
PAS, he said, had from Day One promoted peaceful talks and dialogue among those concerned over the usage of the word “Allah” by the Catholic weekly The Herald.
He also said that he had asked party members to look out for and ensure the safety of non-Muslims in the country.

DAP Segambut Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng: In expressing his shock over the incidents, he made a plea to the people by saying: "If people were to retaliate, I urge the people retaliate with love and forgiveness."Lim also expressed hope that all Muslims would "pray for peace, acceptance, forgiveness and tolerance among all of us" during the Friday prayers in the afternoon."And I believe that police need to work fast."

Be like one and act like one...dont let the history repeat.

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