03 Mac, 2012

sehebat-hebat Amerika ranap dan mati juga

Lebih daripada 20 orang telah terkorban selepas lebih dari 6 dozen ribut ganas serta taufan tornado melanda beberapa negeri di bahagian tengah Amerika.
Homes were flattened, schools and business smashed and vehicles and trees tossed aside by Friday's storms.
Authorities said one small town in Indiana was "gone" after the disaster.
The National Weather Service had received reports of at least 83 tornadoes in eight states by Friday evening, bringing the week's total to 133. Not all reports were confirmed, however.

The service issued "a particularly dangerous" tornado watch, which is set to continue into early Saturday in four states.
"Destructive tornadoes, large hail to 6.4 centimetres, thunderstorm wind gusts to 112 kilometre per hour and dangerous lightning are possible," it said.
The twisters have thus far affected one-tenth of the US population according to the weather service.
Authorities in Indiana say that at least 13 people have been killed in the latest storms there.

Ingatlah akan Allah Yang Maha Pencipta Lagi Maha Berkuasa
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