05 Jun, 2008


Baru-baru ini seorang kawan telah menterjemahkan beberapa berita dari akhbar berbahasa cina tentang kerajaan Pakatan Rakyat..Ku muatkan untuk tatapan anda...


Sunday, June 1, 2008 2:16 AM

Today,in major Chinese papers report:

1)Penang new govt exposed the previous regime through Penang Development Corporation(PDC) scandally rented out 216 acres of high valued agricultural lands in Batu Kawan @ RM15.64/acre/month insteads of market rate of RM1,600/acre/month.The tenancy had just expired.The State Govt is putting it out for open tender.so far,it has received very encouragingly of no less than 23 biddings.

2)Penang Chief Minister,Mr Lim Guan Eng will be leading a State Foreign Investment Invitation Group to visit Hong Kong and Korea from 31.05 to 07.06 to 'SELL' Penang as a Commercial and Tourism Centre and to establish bilateral relationship.

3)Perak new State Govt will be dismissing 142 BN councilors by next week,who failed to voluntarily resigned,to pave way for the appointment of new councilors.It is expected 232 vacancies will be split by the component parties of the PAKATAN RAKYAT.100 for the NGOs,17 direct from the State Govt.

There was a total of 2,500 applications for appointment of councilor from the NGOs and the public for the councilor post.All applicants will attend an interview conducted by an Independent Committee for the selection.

Only 10 out of 15 Majlis are financially sound in Perak.The other 5 are in extreme financial troubles to the extent of unable to pay for the wages of the staff.One of the recommended solutions would be reduction on number of staff and councilors to cut expendicture and overhead.

4)In Kedah,the Kota Setar YB Lee Guan Aik remarked and exposed one of the many scandals of the former BN regime.RM5.15 mil was spent by the MPKS in 1996 to purchase the 7th & 8th floor of Wima Alor Ria Commercial Building.Today,it is still vacant and unutilised like an white elephant.Monthly maintenance fee alone is RM10,187.The accumulated losses through the years amounted to no less than RM10 mil,enough to buy 8 scavenging trucks to serve the public.

There is huge financial deficit and debts in MPKS left behind by the former regime.This causes the MPKS today totally hands tight to deal with the numerous problems faced financially,such as the rubbish collections,bad drainage system which causes floods during rainy season,leakages in the roof and gutters of the govt flats etc.He appeals to the rakyat to be more patience and let the new regime of less than 3 months old to,at least,resolve the immediate deficit problems internally first,before able to financially settle the other problems.

5)In Sg Petani,several resident committee of few housing estates made complaints in the Chinese press regarding the thefts of the drainage manhole metal covers on public roads.They alleged that they had numerously reflected and officially complained to the MPSPK regarding the matters,but all these had gone to deaf ears.These unprotected holes had endangered and caused many accidents with a couple of cases,fatal, to the residents.They had even suggested to the MPSPK to replace the metal covers with the concrete slabbed type to avoid theft in future.But till today,no positive action shown.Upon their repeated complaints and dialogues with the MPSPK officials,the officials kicked the ball from one department to another to evade responsibility.

6)Kedah Exco cum Chairman of the Kedah Investment and Industrial Affairs Committee,YB Ir Amiruddin spoke to the Chinese press that the 9 industrial zones in Kedah are progressing and developing gradually and promisingly.Till todate,more than 10,000 jobs has been created.His committee through its technical supporting subsidiary,KISMAC,has formed a SKILL & PROFESSIONAL TRAINING CENTRE in Sg Petani to enlist and train the local school leavers,drop outs and graduates into what the investors want with the assistance and helps in the providing of qualified lecturers,educational and training equipments from some of the local and foreign investors.His committee will continue to maintain a constant bilateral dialogues with these investors to establish a close,amicable relationship and win-win situation for all.Hopefully that Kedah will be able to provide enough of skilled and professionally trained local human resources to satisfy the investors in the next 5 years.This would also help create job opportunity to retain local talents from leaving the State in future.

HP 01.06.08

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