02 Julai, 2008


Kes wanita Monggol telah berlalu.Dah beratus ribu mungkin berjuta wang negara dihabiskan untuk perbicaraan kes tersebut.Akhirnya senyap...bagaikan tiada keputusan.Dalam sibuk mengikuti kes,masyarakat Malaysia dikejutkan dengan kenaikan harga bahan petroleum yang melibatkan kenaikan harga barangan lain.Masalah global dikatakan oleh pimpinan negara,maka terpaksalah kita semua menghadapinya.
Dalam sibuk naik harga,kerajaan tidak mampu menampung kos kenaikannya..demikian kata orang yang power dalam negara. dalam tak mampu tampung kos itu diberi pula rebat kepada rakyat yang ada kenderaan dibawah 2.0 cc dan motosikal. Rakyat yang ada basikal atau tiada kenderaan macamana pula..Itulah nasib kita.
Nasib bagaimana lagi bagi rakyat Malaysia apabila rebat ini dibayar melalui Pejabat Pos,bukan melalui JPJ atau BSN atau agensi kerajaan yang lain.Persoalannya apakah agenda disebalik pembayaran melalui pejabat pos ini?.
Sedang sibuk rakyat dengan harga naik ini..lenyaplah pula kes Altantunya dari media dan timbul pula kes liwat versi baru melibatkan DSAI.Heboh diperkatakan oleh rakyat..Tapi kita perlu cerdik,jangan lupa tentang "harga naik". Itu yang lebih utama bagi rakyat dalam menghadapi suasana sekarang. Kos sara hidup semakin meningkat..Untung Petronas juga semakin meningkat..untung orang ada power pun dijangka meningkat.
Semuanya ini kerana masing-masing nak jaga power dan masing-masing nak rebut power. Kita sebagai rakyat tentu juga ada power dalam menentukan "power" dalam negara..Pandai-pandailah kita gunakan untuk kesejahteraan negara. Akhir sekali..kita kena ingat bahawa ada lagi Yang Maha Power,(bukan Kapten Power) tapi Allah Yang Maha Berkuasa.

12 Jun, 2008


Seorang kenalan menghabiskan masa untuk artikel ini. Terima kasih.

ubject: Fw: WHAT IS NEVER MENTIONED IN Mainstream Media like NST,
TheStar, Utusan, BH are these facts…

Posted on 10 June 2008

Malaysian Per Capita Income USD 5000 VS Singaporean Per Capita Income USD

Further The Star made a comparison of prices in Thailand , Singapore and

For Thailand it is quoted at RM3.90/liter, however are they aware that in
Thailand new cars are cheaper than Malaysia by RM10,000? They pay only one
life time for their driving license? No renewal fee after that? Also that
goes for road tax as well? And do TheStar also aware that you can drive all
the way from Hadtyai to
Bangkok on a six lane highway without paying any Tolls ??!!

Whereas here in Malaysia you have to pay yearly renewal for road tax ,
driving license and TOLLS, TOLLS, TOLLS!!!

For Singapore how can you quote RM 5.20 ? Please quote in Singapore Dollars
because they are earning in Sing Dollars. You might as well say Europeans
are paying RM10/liter. RM5.20/liter = Sing $ 2.20/liter, still cheaper than
Malaysia in view of fact that Singapore is not a crude oil exporter. Are
you saying that
you fill up petrol in Singapore by paying Ringgit?

In economy, dollar to dollar must be compared as apple to apple. Not
comparing like durian in M’sia is much cheaper than durian in Japan!! Of
course-lah, Japan is not durian producer!!! Comparing Malaysian durian with
Thailand durian make more sense!!

For Indonesia we might say is cheaper there at RM2.07/liter but compare
that to their level of income! Now, let us compare the price with OIL
PRODUCING countries:

UAE – RM1.19/litre
Eygpt – RM1.03/litre
Bahrain – RM0.87/litre
Qatar – RM0.68/litre
Kuwait – RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia – RM0.38/litre
Iran – RM0.35/litre
Nigeria – RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan – RM0.25/litre
Venezuela – RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA – RM2.70/litre

RM 2.70!!! Individual perspective:

As of last month a Toyota Vios would ’cause a damage’ of about RM 89,000.
In the international market, a Toyota Vios is about USD 19,000 USD 19,000 =
RM 62,700 (using the indicative rates of USD 1 = RM 3.30). That makes
Malaysian Vios owners pay an extra RM 26,300.

This RM 26,300 should be cost of operations, profit and tax because the
transportation costs have been factored in to the USD 19,000.

RM 26,300/ RM625 petrol rebate per year translates to a Vios being used for
42.08 years.

I do understand that the RM 625 is a rebate given by the government, but it
also means that one has to use the Vios for 42.08 years just to make back
the amount paid in taxes for the usage of a foreign car. Would anyone use
any kind of car for that long?

Now with these numbers in front of us, does the subsidy sound like a
subsidy or does it sound like a penalty? This just seems to be a heavy
increment in our daily cost of living as we are not only charged with high
car taxes but also with a drastic increase in fuel price.

With all the numbers listed out, I urge all Malaysians to join me in
analyzing the situation further.

Car taxation is government profit, fuel sales is Petronas’ (GLC) profit
which also translates into government profit. The government may ridicule
us Malaysians by saying look at the world market and fuel price world wide.
Please, we are Malaysians, we fought of the British, had a international
port in the early centuries (Malacca), home to a racially mixed nation and

We know the international rates are above the USD 130/barrel. We understand
the fact that the fuel prices are increasing worldwide and we also know
that major scientist are still contradicting on why this phenomenon is
happening. Some blame Bush and his plunders around the world and some blame
climate change and there are others which say petroleum ‘wells’ are getting

Again we go back to numbers to be more straight fwd

1 barrel = 159 liters x RM2.70/liter = RM 429 or USD 134

On 1 hand, we are paying the full cost of 1 barrel of crude oil with RM2.70
per liter but on the other hand the crude oil only produces 46% of fuel.

Msia sells crude oil per barrel at USD130 buys back Fuel per barrel at
USD134. And not forgetting, every barrel of fuel is produced with 2 barrels
of crude oil.

1 barrel crude oil = produce 46% fuel (or half of crude oil), therefore 2
barrel crude oil = approximately 1 barrel fuel In other words, each time we
sell 2 barrels of crude oil, equivalently we will buy back 1 barrel of


Malaysia sell 2 barrel crude oil @ USD 130/barrel = USD 260 = RM 858 then,
Malaysia will buy back fuel @ USD 134/barrel = RM 442/barrel. Thus,
Malaysia earn net extra USD 126 = RM 416 for each 2 barrel of crude
sold/exported vs imported 1 barrel of fuel !!!

(USD 260-134 = USD 126 = RM416)

So where this extra USD 126/barrel income is channeled to by Malaysian

Another analysis:

1 barrel crude oil = 159 liters.

46-47% of a barrel of crude oil = fuel that we use in our vehicles.
46% of 159 = 73.14 liters.

@ RM 2.70/liter x 73.14 liter = RM197.48 of fuel per barrel of crude oil.
This is only 46% of the barrel, mind you. Using RM 3.30 = USD 1, we get
that a barrel of crude oil produces USD 59.84 worth of petrol fuel (46% of
1barrel). USD 59.84 of USD 130/barrel turns out to be 46% of a barrel as

Another 54% = bitumen, kerosene, and natural gases and so many more. And
this makes a balance of USD 70.16 that has not been accounted for.

So this is where I got curious. Where is the subsidy if we are paying 46%
of the price of a barrel of crude oil when the production of petrol/barrel
of crude oil is still only 46%?

In actual fact, we still pay for this as they are charged in the forms of
fuel surcharge by airlines and road taxes for the building of road (because
they use the tar/bitumen) and many more excuse charging us but let us just
leave all that out of our calculations.

As far as I know, only the politicians who live in Putrajaya and come for
their Parliament meetings in Kuala Lumpur (approximately 60+ km) are the
ones to gain as they claim their fuel and toll charges from the money of

It is so disappointing to see this happen time and time again to the
Malaysian public, where they are deceived by the propaganda held by the
politicians and the controls they have over the press.

Which stupid idiot economist equates rebates for rich or poor with the cc
of the vehicles? An average office clerk may own a second hand 1300cc
proton Iswara costing $7,000 (rebate = $625) while the Datuk’s children can
own a fleet of 10 new cars of BMW, Audi and Volvo all less than 2000cc
costing $2 millions and get a total rebate of $625 x 10 = $6,250! Wow what
kind of economists we are keeping in Malaysia…wonder which phD certificate
that they bought from…

Misleading concept of Subsidy:

The word “subsidy” has been brandished by the BN government as if it has so
generously helped the rakyat and in doing so incurred losses. This simple
example will help to explain the fallacy:


Ahmad is a fisherman. He sells a fish to you at $10 which is below the
market value of $15. Let’s assume that he caught the fish from the
abundance of the sea at little or no cost. Ahmad claims that since the
market value of the fish is $15 and he sold you the fish for $10, he had
subsidised you $5 and therefore made a loss of $5.

Question :

Did Ahmad actually make a profit of $10 or loss of $5 which he claimed is
the subsidy?


Ahmad makes a profit of $10 which is the difference of the selling price
($10) minus the cost price ($0 since the fish was caught from the abundance
of the sea). There is no subsidy as claimed by Ahmad.

The BN government claims that it is a subsidy because the oil is kept and
treated as somebody else’s property (you know who). By right, the oil
belongs to all citizens of the country and the government is a trustee for
the citizens. So as in the above simple example, the BN government cannot
claim that it has subsidised the citizen!

Thinks about it..

10 Jun, 2008


Hari ini 10 JUn 2008, satu berita dlm Utusan Melayu,agak menarik untuk dihalusi. Tajuk Berita di ms 2,SANUSI DIPECAT.
Tan Sri Sanusi Junid telah dipecat sebagai Presiden UIAM mulai 2 Jun 2008 dan digantikan oleh Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan walaupun kontrak beliau akan tamat pada tahun 2010.Antara punca pemecatan Sanusi adalah angkara beliau telah keluar dari Umno mengikuti langkah TDM..Menarik sekali kes ini.
Kalau berlaku pemecatan Jawatan mana-mana orang umno dinegeri yang diperintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat tentu menjadi tajuk utama surat habaq ni dan hebohnya pula berbulan dengan kemungkinan tajuk PAS/PKR Amalkan Budaya Balas Dendam.Itulah yang sering berlaku di Malaysia sejak sekian lama diperintah oleh umno be end.

Di Kedah,semasa mula PAS dapat power,sibuk diseluruh Kedah orang umno pindahkan peralatan TADIKA,kononnya TADIKA akan dirampas oleh PAS.Tapi yang berlaku tak seperti dihebohkan.Orang umno ni takutkan bayang-bayang yang dibuatnya sendiri.Sebab itulah berlaku perkara begini.Pecat sapa saja yang sehaluan dengan umno..biarpun orang tu otak nya cerdik,pandai penuh dengan kreativiti dan inovasi.

Di Kedah, kalau diteliti masih ramai orang-orang besar yang jaga kepentingan Kedah berotak umno.Kalau nak diikutkan depa nii boleh dipecat segera,tapi masih dikekalkan jawatan mereka.Nak bagi peluang kpd mereka memperbetulkan kesilapan lalu dan bukan kerana tiada orang PAS yang hebat dalam perbagai bidang.Bila diberi peluang ni..tak berubah juga..masih jadi ular yang pagut tak kira siapa...bersedialah untuk dipecat.La ni mai pakat pecat umno....be end.

09 Jun, 2008


Harga minyak sudah naik...harga barangan keperluan harian juga ada yang sudah naik....Bulan dan anak bulan juga sudah naik...dibantu lagi dengan roket.Bebanan rakyat sudah lama naik seolah-olah semakin tiada jalan penyelesaian. Semuanya berpunca dari "power"..Power membeli,menawar, menjua dan power memerintah.
Dalam sibuk NAIK..NAIK...NAIK, ada yang tak mau turun.Ada yang tak naik...harga minyak sudah naik...gaji juga sudah naik...dulu...kata kakitangan kerajaan.Mana boleh tampung perbelanjaan..Tambahan pula kalau kena tugas luar, guna kenderaan sendiri seperti para guru yang kadangkala terpaksa kesana-kesini untuk hadiri mcam-macam program jabatan. Sekolah mana ada kenderaan untuk kegunaan guru...Kebanyakannya kenderaan sendiri juga yang diguna..tapi tuntutan "milage" selalunya lambat dibayar. Sekarang ini kalau lambat dibayar bertambah teruklah depa. Sudahlah demikian...harga minyak naik...KADAR HARGA TUNTUTAN UNTUK "MILAGE" macamana ?

Kena berkorban...untuk bangsa dan negara kot kata depa (pemimpin).dulu aku dengar Tok Det yang Power di Kedah guna jet untuk kemana-mana. Claimnya dikabarkan RM 10,000.00 sejam. Betoi ke ?Bayangkanlah... La ni tok menteri negara kita cakap kena berjimat,ubah gaya hidup. Kalau dulu makan nasi...nasi dari beras...beras dari padi. Harga beras naik...tapi harga padi tak naik..la ni ada cerdik pandai asuhan kerajaan umno dan be end syorkan makan ubi.Tok Pa sorang tu pun cadang macam tu juga. SAPA yang ajak makan ubi semula?. Dulu depa kata, kalau PAS perintah..ada power... rakyat makan ubi...Laa depa ajak rakyat makan ubi..Sapa yang betoi nii..
Dalam sibuk semua sudah naik...naik...naik.. umno juga makin sibuk untuk tentukan sapa akan naik jadi pimpinannya..Berebut sakan laaa depa..kalau sudah naik tentu ada power..untuk itu..untuk ini...last sekali nak guna power untuk dapatkan duit juga.umno...umno...be endddddd.

Rais kata mungkin ada orang nak lawan dia di Bahagiannya.Pak Lah,Najib dan semua pimpinan umno yang lain tentu ada orang berani lawan depa..Tunggu apa lagi..lawan saja.Jangan takut kat manusia...lawan sampai punah...baru baguih...baru demokrasi.Susah apa sangat>Lawan...baru tau sapa yang ada power..
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